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Symptoms of Herpes & Herpes Treatment Informational Video

Dr. Sabrina Kendrick, Director of the Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center, talks about Herpes testing, herpes symptoms, and herpes treatment.

Real Help on Herpes; Sabrina Kendrick, M.D.; Brought to you by Herpes is one of the most common infections in the United States. There is type I or Oral Herpes which is not a sexually transmitted disease and then there is type II or Genital Herpes that is a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes type I and type II are both transmitted skin-to-skin contact. Herpes can be tested by culture of the lesion or it can be tested by a blood-based laboratory test. Well there is no cure for Herpes, but there are medications to heal the lesion and stop the pain. When Herpes is untreated, usually it goes away on its own, but it can return, and when it does return it usually causes lots of pain. Well its important to know that if you have Oral Herpes or Type I that when you have an active sore that you should not participate in oral sex at all. However, for Type II, Genital Herpes, a person who has this is always infectious and it is important for these people to always use protection when they have sex and if there is an active genital lesion then they should not have sex at all. A person who presents with a genital ulcer should be tested for Herpes.