How Do Online STD Test Results Work?

Online STD testing comes with a couple of distinct benefits. Whether the process involves collecting one’s own sample and mailing it a laboratory for analysis or ordering tests online and visiting a facility, online STD testing offers an easy, convenient method of getting tested for STDs in a manner that won’t compromise customer privacy. Tracey Powell is the founder and CEO of, an Internet-based business that facilitates testing for customers wanting to get the facts about their health, and according to him, more and more people are starting to embrace the testing methods offered by his company. One question that Tracey often gets asked is “how does your company deliver test results?” It’s a valid question, as STD test results do have the power to truly be life-changing. For this reason, Tracey has developed a system designed to cater to customers’ specific needs.

As part of its policy, allows its customers to choose how they wish to have their test results conveyed. Each customer has two options; he can either have a professional, educated counselor on staff call him with his test results, or he can go online on his own to view his results once they become available. Of course, each option comes with its own benefit in the event that the news of the test results isn’t so great. Those who prefer to deal with bad news on their own are bound to select the login option for test results, as it allows them to take in the information on their own terms and in their own time. On the other hand, some people find it much easier to get bad news from a trained professional who understands the implications of specific STDs and can advise about the treatment options available. As someone who has been in the healthcare industry for quite some time, Tracey understands that each customer is unique, and feels that just as each person has a right to privacy, so too does he have the right to receive his test results – whether they’re good or bad – in the matter that best suits him.

Regardless of the method used to obtain test results, every customer whose test results show up as positive for an STD is given immediate access to counselors and medical professionals so that he can discuss treatment methods and determine what his next medical steps should be. Of course, the availability of professional moral support during such an emotionally-trying time can often times be just as important as the medical advice one might receive. Since employs several physicians on staff, sometimes a customer will be able to consult with a doctor and, when applicable, receive a prescription for STD treatment. In situations where a simple prescription isn’t going to do the job, a doctor can still be called upon to discuss treatment options and recommend specialists trained to handle the condition at hand.

Naturally, Tracey hopes for all of his customers’ sake that they never have to utilize such medical and emotional counseling services. However, the reality is that not all STD tests are going to come back as negative, and that there needs to be a system in place to tend to those who do receive life-shattering results. Customers of can therefore rest assured that even if their test results aren’t what they’d like them to be, that they won’t have to tackle the next step of the process alone.

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