The Benefits Of At-Home STD Testing

Most medical professionals today would be quick to highlight the importance of getting tested for STDs on an as-needed basis. In fact, these days, more and more people are growing to understand the ramifications of STDs and are therefore taking steps to have themselves tested at least annually consistent wit recommendations of the CDC and other experts. On the other hand, there are also plenty of people who refuse to get tested for STDs for a variety of reasons. From denial to lack of time to a distaste for the lack of confidentiality inherent in public reporting, it’s easy to come up with excuses not to get tested. To help remedy this situation, Tracey Powell came up with a revolutionary way for people to order STD tests right in the comfort of their own homes. He founded a company called, which enables customers to request STD tests online in a non-threatening, secure fashion. Tracey’s goal in starting his business was to make it easier for individuals to get tested for STDs so that they would actually take the steps to do it. In order to encourage more people to jump on the health-conscious bandwagon, Tracey shares the following benefits of at-home STD testing:


One of the primary benefits of at-home STD testing is the protection of privacy that comes along with it. When you order an STD test through, you are given a customer identification number for printed documents required in the testing process. Customers also directly control their personal information on the website. And of course using an at-home collection gives the customer increased privacy given there is no clinic visit required.


At-home STD testing provides an added dose of convenience that other forms of testing simply cannot offer. Some at-home STD tests involve the use of an at-home kit, where you collect a urine sample in the privacy of your own bathroom and mail it off to a designated testing facility. While not all STD test samples can be self-administered, those that can be collected at home represent the utmost in hassle-free collection. After all, it doesn’t get much better than never having to leave your house.

A comfortable forum

Many people – doctors and patients alike – have difficulty talking about the notion of STD testing. Unfortunately, the inability on the patient or doctor side to have such a conversation has caused many people to avoid STD testing. However, takes the social discomfort of STD testing out of the equation so that you can easily access the health-related information you need.

A guaranteed “yes” to your testing request

From time to time, the act of requesting an STD test isn’t enough to convince your doctor. In some cases, customers at have reported that they or their doctor do not initiate the discussion on STDs, or even face resistance from the doctor who may not believe STD tests are “absolutely necessary.” The good thing about at-home STD testing is that you’ll always your testing request approved. At, you can simply log on and ask for your STD tests of choice.

At-home STD testing comes with its fair share of benefits, so much so that more and more people are now having trouble coming up with excuses to avoid getting tested altogether. The downside is that not all common STD tests are available today on an at-home basis. As that changes, you can be sure that will offer more at-home options to complement its patient service center capabilities.

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